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Sally's Sitters

If you've got  to be somewhere
else and you need childcare,
Sally's Sitters is here for you.

                                                            Sally's Sitters

Do you need casual child minding?

You can call Sally's Sitters from 6.00am, 7 days a week.

Do you have a sick child and you can't be home to care for them?

Do you need overnight child care?

Do you need child care on a regular basis?

Sally's Sitters is a flexible and friendly child care and domestic home services agency.

We provide child care for children of all ages from babies to teenagers.

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Sally's Sitters

Sally's Sitters



  Sallys's Sitters  






Where we are located around Melbourne:

(for more details contact Sally's Sitters)

Sally's Sitters in Melbourne












Oct 2012